Cherry Burton outside collaboration mural

Cherry Burton outside collaboration mural


Wonderful collaboration project with Cherry Burton primary school.

The process of completing this mural took me from sharing ideas and proposals to collaborating with the teachers so that every single pupil in the school contributed to the finished result.

Certain year groups constructed small round mosaics using there own found things from home, these were then stuck to the wall over the top of the meadow field representing the heads of wild flowers. As the school is based in the countryside surrounded by farmland and meadows this worked a treat.

There school moto is ‘Roots To Grow Wings To Fly’ with this in mind the main feature of the every growing tree with the strength of its roots firmly in place under layers of soil lent itself to 3D images of insects and fossils which the pupils made and were then stuck on. All the stones were finger prints of other year groups. Finishing the ground area with the foundation stage hand prints which I then made into leaves.

The final year group was year 6, they all made a rainbow hand print over the top of the tree leaves creating a beautiful effect. The two last pupils made a hand print representing the wings of the birds flying up.

The finished result covered a huge outside wall in the play ground giving the school a great sense of achievement and visual representation of the schools community and surroundings.