WW1 – Sweetheart Pin Cushion

I was asked by the town clerk of Beverley to design and present a mural in the local memorial gardens connecting the WW1 Centenary and Beverley Flower In Bloom entry.

I have a Sweetheart Pin Cushion my aunty gave me and thought this would make a beautiful start to investigate this very significant occasion.

The sweetheart pin cushions were made by the wounded soldiers while in recovery to send back to there loved ones, families and sweethearts. Each county of the uk had a different colour scheme, Yorkshire Reg were Blue. I added the poem which was written at this time. The three plane silhouettes are the type of plans that were flown from the Westwood in Beverley from this period.

The memorial garden sits next to the St Marys Church with a very open, tranquil, quiet and peaceful garden, I wanted to make sure the applying of the paint in a thin wash complemented this space.