About me

I graduated from Leicester De Montfort university with a BA (Hons) degree in performing arts and visual arts. Since this time my journey has taken me from painting commercial/private murals to scenic painter all of which I have loved.

I am at my most confident painting large scale pieces due to my practised history yet I am always enthusiastic in experimenting with the size of canvas.

I look at nature as a huge inspiration for the backbone of my work, walking along side this is the beauty and ever changing balance of my surrounding Yorkshire countryside, woodlands and coastline. I make and pick up collections of stories, patterns, moments of memory and sketches which I use to influence me when working on a particular painting. To respond to these gatherings of information I let practice and judgment of movement take over, only on very large scale pieces do I have an open plan.

I find experimenting with acrylic paint, collage, print, charcoal and my love of colour exciting and try to portray this in my work.